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Cheese and Grain | Artist of the Month February

Artist of the Month February

Artist of the Month February

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February Artist of the Month

James Bartholomew is a Scottish-American photographer whose books and photographs on London including ‘The Magic of Kew’, ‘The City of London’ and ‘Inside the Tower’ have been produced and collected worldwide.

After moving to Frome with his wife Sara in 2014 and setting up Willow Vale Studios, James photographed Frome at night with his 8”x10” wooden field camera on black and white film, with exposure times of 9 minutes or more. Devoid of people, cars or other modern artefacts, the images show a more ghostly historical view.

Following the black and white work, James produced colour images with his digital SLR camera, rendering high dynamic range made up of nine bracketed frames per composition.

Black & white silver gelatine hand prints and digital colour ‘C’ type prints are available for sale, framed or unframed, together with posters and greeting cards on the Frome at Night series.

This stunning exhibition runs throughout February at the Grain Cafe Bar.10St Johns Graveyard Willow Vale Studios

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