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Cheese and Grain | Democracy Day at the Cheese & Grain

Democracy Day at the Cheese & Grain

Democracy Day at the Cheese & Grain

Posted by Tracey Rupp Rawlins in News

Frome Town Council in association with Frome FM and FACT (Frome Area Christians Together) is hosting a Democracy Day in anticipation of the May Elections on Sunday 12 April at the Cheese and Grain – starting at 4.15pm. It will include a range of activities that will aim to inform and excite, during the lead-up to the general, town and district council elections on 7 May.

Paul Wynne, Frome Town Clerk said, “We aim to provide clear information on the voting choices electors have at Town, District and General Elections to be held on 7 May. The most prominent event taking place on Democracy Day will be the Hustings. Prospective parliamentary candidates, Ian Angell, Alan Dimmick, David Oakensen David Rendel, Theo Simon and David Warburton have confirmed that they will participate in a ‘Question Time’ style event, where local people can quiz them. These questions will be selected on the basis of greatest relevance to the people of Frome, chosen by independent Chair Lisa Millard, Assistant Principal at Frome College, and will be unseen by the candidates.

“There will also be an informal opportunity for members of the public to meet candidates standing for the Town and District elections. These candidates are invited to literally “set out their stall” and chat with the local community – discussing their issues or concerns, and informing people of their choices.

“In true Frome style we shall have, available for anyone who wants to use it, a Soap Box. If you want to stand on it and let the people of Frome know your views, come on down and put your name on the list.”

Refreshments, light entertainment and other activities will also take place on the day.

More information can be found on the Frome Town Council website at

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