1001 God of Carnage by Yasmin Reza

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Jul 01


When two boys have a fight it’s up to their parents to act like grown-ups. What should be a mature discussion rapidly unravels. What happens to the thin veneer of adulthood under the strain of social posturing, legal threats and that damned mobile phone? Yazmina Reza’s award-winning follow-up to ‘Art’, God of Carnage is a hilarious examination of the volatile child in us all. God of Carnage is another quality production by Frome Drama. Tickets on the door or festival box office. A bar will be open before and after the show. Assembly Rooms, Frome: 8pm; 1st-3rd July https://www.facebook.com/FromeDrama Twitter: @fromedramaclub


Assembly Rooms , Memorial Theatre, Frome , Somerset , BA11 1EB

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