5010 – The Lantivet Duo

£8, £6 Student or Child + Booking Fee

All Seating


Jul 05


Genre-defying new ensemble Lantivet Duo are breaking barriers and redefining what it means to make chamber music. Born out of a desire for creativity and connection in 2020, multi-faceted musicians Anna Brigham and Brendan Musk brought their prolific skill sets together to curate an experimental livestream series. The result has been a year’s supply of eclectic cross-genre programmes, innovative original works and collaborations with some of the UK’s most exciting talent. What sets Lantivet apart is their seemingly unquenchable pursuit of discovery. Whether in seeking out a diverse range of composers to showcase, searching for international folk music or creating it themselves, each concert is a successful melting pot of culture and classics. It isn’t hard to see why the pair are already receiving continuing support and acclaim from the likes of Classic FM, with a fast-blossoming community of patrons. It’s rare to find an ensemble that delivers crossover so well – you can guarantee there’s something for everyone in every performance. Frome festival is delighted to be bringing the Lantivet Duo from screen to stage for you this week. £8/ £6 Students and Children. https://www.lantivetduo.com/


The Silk Mill , Merchants Barton , Frome , Somerset, BA11 1PT

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