AU107 Local History

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Sep 19


with David Lassman

Code: AU107Time: 19.00-21.00Length: 10 weeksStarts: 19 SepDay: MondayCost: £120.00Venue: Avanti School

This ten-week course will take you on a journey through the fascinating, but at times troubled, history that has made Frome the place it is today.

Each themed session will cover the people, places and events that have shaped this incredible but, at times, apathetic Somerset market town, which at one time was ‘bigger than Bath’. From its founding in the late seventh century, through its various industrial and economic highs and lows, the numerous riots and revolutions that have taken place within its boundaries and the part it played during the two world wars, you will discover a town with the ability to constantly reinvent itself, has more listed buildings that anywhere else in Somerset and enjoys a recently acquired reputation as being one of the coolest places in the country.

A fun and informal learning environment will prevail, with a result that you will never view the town in the same light again!


Avanti, Park Road, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1EU

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