AU608 Block Party-Printmaking in the 20th Century

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Dec 03


with Paul Chapman

Code: AU608Time: 10.30-15.30Length: 1 dayStarts: 3 DecDay: SaturdayCost: £21.00Venue: Cheese & Grain

3 sessions: 10.30am – 11.30am, 12- 1pm and then 2pm – 3.30pm

The ancient tradition of printmaking had a revival in the 20th century – new techniques and materials created a modern twist to the art of printmaking. From the late 19th century, printmaking came to be regarded as a direct means of artistic expression, rather than a means of reproduction.

These three sessions will examine the development of print as fine art from 1900 to the present day. The course will examine the history of British Printmaking in the 20th century, with references to European Modernism as many ideas and visual styles crossed back and forth across the English Channel.

The sessions will take a chronological view, beginning at the turn of the century and the machine age of the Edwardian era and the First World War, and concluding with the Post-Modern era as the following century turns once more.

The intention is to cover as many aspects of the subject as possible as we travel through the 20th century. A wide range of prints and the artists who made them will be examined alongside a broad range of subject matter, to include portraits, landscapes, reportage, illustration and commercial advertising.

Topics will include, materials and techniques, the print as fine art, the depiction of conflict (both WW1 and WW2) and how prints reflected the social changes brought about by political, social economic and cultural impact on British society.


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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