BenBen & Lily

£16 adult/ £12 under 16 + Booking Fee

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Jul 20


Coming to us from the USA, BenBen + Lily is not quite a band, but rather a symbiotic bond between two New York based songwriters who egard each other as a kind of musical sibling and partner in magic. Lily Desmond is a violin-slinging songwriter who writes music that is at times dark and primeval, but always laden with gorgeous, ornate vocals. Her other band Sloppy Jane recently appeared on-screen and on the soundtrack for the new A24 film I Saw the TV Glow BenBen starring Brigette Lundy-Paine. BenBen is an animation director working on his first feature, and a storied singer, songwriter and producer. He has worked in the studio as a producer and singer with artists as illustrious as the Indigo Girls, Brandi Carlile, and folk goddess Samantha Crane. Ben’s high-tenor voice is like an exotic leaf blowing on a weird autumn wind. Together, they write music that is infectiously melodic and intimately magical. They look forward to their second UK tour in July 2024.

Doors 7pm

Start 7:30pm

Your ticket includes a drink in the intermission FOC.


The Tin Church, Brokerswood, , , BA13 4EJ

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