Daniel Docherty – Live At The Tree House

Live at our intimate sister venue The Tree House

£13.50 + Booking Fee

All Standing - 18+ Show


Apr 27


Many incredible singer-songwriters come from the streets. Multi-talented Daniel Docherty (born in June 1992) from Glasgow is one of those. We’re not talking about being streetwise but about growing up in public, mastering your skills while busking in the streets, parks and shopping arcades. Docherty has ‘seen it all’ and has earned his stripes.
If it would still be the sixties now, you would have encountered him in the coffee houses at MacDougal Street in New York, where Dylan and his peers learned their craft. But he’s no longer a rough diamond. He’s ready to take the next step. Docherty is clearly experienced performing live to crowds of all sizes. He is equally happy to play for a small crowd or a packed Carré Theatre in Amsterdam, where he is signed to the [PIAS] label. [PIAS] discovered him at the annual Eurosonic international showcase festival in the Netherlands and instantly recognized his enormous potential. The lowlands have quite a reputation as a test market. It has served as launching platform for singer-songwriters like Gavin James and Ben Howard before.
‘I do still love to busk, but haven’t busked much at all this year,’ Docherty says. ‘For me, it’s one of the most comfortable and enjoyable places to perform! I always want to busk in every new city I play in. For me, it’s a great way to write songs and immediately try them out in public. I get an idea and start improvising. Having the freedom to be so creative and spontaneous is something I love. Meeting people like this, is one of the most rewarding experiences.’ Hold Me, the first single from the EP Life Is What We Make Of It is a prime example of this method. ‘It began as an idea I had while busking, and developed from there,’ he confirms enthusiastically.
Please note this is an 18+ event, and the venue is accessed by stairs with no lift. If you have any enquiries please email thetreehouse@cheeseandgrain.com


The Tree House, 35 Berkley Rd, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2EH

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