R&B Festival – Dr Feelgood

Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes

£20.00 + Booking Fee

All Standing


May 26


SUNDAY May 26 – 8 pm – £20 advance/£24 door – (Special early bird offer – all 3 gigs for £45 – available until February 1) plus service charges


What can you say about one of Britain’s most loved and dynamic bands. Proven by last year’s exhilarating festival performance with the Pretty Things, they are still producing the same no-nonsense high energy show that exploded into the scene over 35 years ago when they topped the UK album charts.
Their raw uncompromising style resulted in their debut album “Stupidity” immediately going to number one, followed by a string of hit singles including “Milk and Alcohol”, “Roxette”, “Back in the Night”, “Down at the Doctors” and “She Does it Right”.
From their early days of Lee Brilleaux and Wilko Johnson, their fully charged dynamite live show has never changed.
They were famously described by NME as “Hiroshima in a Pint Mug !” Signed to Stiff Records, by the legendary Jake Riviera, they were produced by Nick Lowe, who just happens to be over touring from the USA for the first time in ten years and will be headlining our festival on Monday night !
The current line up of Kevin Morris (Drums since 1983),
Phil Mitchell (Bass since 1983), Steve Walwyn (Guitar since 1989 and Robert Kane (Vocals since 1999), serving over 120 years together with the band has been the longest stable line up in the band’s history.
They enjoyed new heights of fame when Julien Temple’s movie “Oil City Confidential”, about the Feelgood early days, received huge worldwide acclaim when it debuted at the London Film Festival in 2009.
A new generation of younger fans were turned on to the band, added to their faithful following around the world, making Dr Feelgood the most enduring , best loved and the premier Rhythm & Blues attraction on the circuit today.
Together with Dr Feelgood, Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes

are going to make this a night to remember!
A class act regarded by  fans as the finest blues band in Europe able to hold their own with any of the Americans.
Winning every award going including Best Blues Band (5 times), Album of the Year (3 times), Instrumentalist of the Year- Paul Lamb (Harmonica 5 times), Paul Lamb has been elected to the Blues Hall of Fame.
A sensational blues review, from West Coast Swing to Chicago South-Side blues is unmatched by the mighty all star line up including front man and blues hollerer Chad Strentz, ex Van Morrison bass man and legendary figure
Rod Demick and a sensational new young talent on guitar,
Ryan Lamb, related? How could he not be with those genes running down to Paul Lamb’s son Ryan.
Their last album “Live at The Albert Hall” received huge critical acclaim from the Music Press and plaudits as far reaching as Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits to Paul Jones.
A great live act and a must for all Blues and RnB fans!
“This is blues harp as good as it gets”  -Mark Knopfler
“They play the blues in the same way Brando used to straddle a motorbike, cocksure, cooly and aggressive”
-Blues & Rhythm
“Sounds as American and black as Brits dare” –
Melody Maker.
“Absolutely Excellent” – Paul Jones.



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