Roots Sessions – Bonne Nouvelle

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May 15


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Roots Sessions hosts a weekly performance, every Wednesday at The Grain Bar Cafe in Frome, showcasing the best in folk, roots, R&B and more, with the aim of bringing the best of local and national acts to the venue.

Bonne Nouvelle are Coralie Hyde (voice) and John Ruddock (guitar) – an acoustic duo based in Frome. From a shared classical background, they have travelled via flamenco (John) and cabaret (Coralie) to a dark but sensuous sound inspired by French band – Nouvelle Vague. They take songs, familiar and unfamiliar, mainly from the early 80s new wave pop era, and reimagine them, casting a new light on the grimy stories and (im)moral tales they tell.
The Screaming Harlots – Ladeez who LOVE harmonies……….and dressing up!…. are a 4 piece A cappella group singing about love, hard liquor, heartbreak….more hard liquor and best of all, REVENGE! You’ll recognise the songs but not how we sing them because we always add our own unhealthy dose of Harlot magic to make sure you’re amused, moved and maybe even a little outraged. We’re also part of the legendary nine piece Americana band, Captain Cactus and the Screaming Harlots, but just occasionally we’re let loose from the noose to perform solo……. as long as we promise to return home and pay for any damage.


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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