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Apr 10


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Roots Sessions hosts a weekly performance, every Wednesday at The Grain Bar Cafe in Frome, showcasing the best in folk, roots, R&B and more, with the aim of bringing the best of local and national acts to the venue.

Lazy Daze are a three-piece band based in Glastonbury, Somerset. All songwriters, the trio produce beautiful songs woven together by heart-felt harmonies and memorable melodies.
The influence of The Beatles and the Eagles can be heard in their harmonies, alongside that of Bruce Springsteen when you listen to the lyrics and vocal style of guitarist, lead singer and main
songwriter, Davy. James and Gareth form the rhythm section, where again The Beatles influence shows in James’ drumming and Gareth’s bass playing, with subtle hints that Gareth has been a longtime fan of The Jam. This collaboration of different styles produces a unique blend of blues, rock and folk, all underpinned with a soulful vibe.
A Lazy Daze gig is very much a shared experience between performers and audience. Davy, James and Gareth have a tangible connection on stage, a connection they warmly invite the audience to share.
The overall effect may be best expressed by comments made by audience members at recent gigs:
“Beautiful songs. They sound totally famous!”
“Oooh, this is different.”
“That song brought goose bumps…”

Bob Gallie writes songs that he believes will eventually make sense of his life . Having performed with Guitarist Brian Tatler from the band Diamond Head earlier on in his life as a Vocalist, Bob was on the road constantly performing in such Venues as the Old Marquee club in London and supporting acts like Dr. Feelgood.
“… always the mellow, heartfelt material of Bob’s that leaves me floored; his performance of the beautiful “Please Don’t Cry” was impec-cable, “Blood and Bones” is always spellbinding and throughout it was number after number that seemed to outdo the one from before..” Fix Magazine


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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