Roots Sessions – Leon Hunt and Jason Titley

Plus guest support Josh Beddis


Mixed Seating/Standing


Jun 24


Free Entry

Having reached ‘a certain age’ Leon Hunt and Jason Titley can now say they’ve been friends and musical collaborators for most of their lives. This musical partnership started way back in the early nineties, at some truly unforgettable late-night festival jams. The magic of those early sessions inevitably led to the formation of a band, the ground breaking and hugely popular ‘progressive’ bluegrass outfit, Daily Planet no less. Numerous projects and years later, they’re back as a duo, making the very most of the musical chemistry they always had but with the addition of decades of experience.
An evening in the company of Leon and Jason is a rare treat, more a musical conversation than a rigid performance. Playing guitar, banjo, gourd banjo, and percussion, these old friends will most likely confound any pre conceived ideas you may be harbouring as to what these instruments can (and should) do. As well as leaning heavily on traditional music from the US and The British Isles, their own compositions take on musical references from just about everywhere else.
Josh plays country, folk/roots and Americana music. He is inspired by legends of country, past and present- Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams, Cody Jinks and Colter Wall.. So he sets his standards pretty high. Josh’s voice seeps with wisdom and stories, though his voice is incredibly soothing, just like Cash himself. Beddis believes that even though country has evolved for modern listeners, he reckons “it’s important for country music to tell a story and that’s what separates it from other genres”. Country is unique and those who sing country music, have very distinctive and powerful voices, and this certainly includes Beddis himself.


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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