Roots Sessions – Phoenix River Band

Plus guest support Leon Gormley


Mixed Seating/Standing


Jun 10


Free Entry

The Phoenix River Band is a Bristol band that seems to fly under the radar despite having opened for an impressive roster of established bands. They are led by and centred around Chris Melhuish, who writes the songs, for the most part sings them, and plays some pretty mean blues-infused guitar. The bands music is original with an undoubted salute to country influences plus hints of R&B and Blues. Think Allman Brothers meet Chris Rea meets Jackson Browne with a touch of Fleetwood Mac and you have a potent mix of original songs with driving beats and soulful melodies. The Band’s roots stretch back over 20 years and with a large back catalogue of original and varied songs stretching over 5 albums. PRB (and its earlier incarnations) has performed with many classic bands including Wishbone Ash, 10cc, The Blockheads, Yardbirds, Curved Air, The Christians, Focus and Walter Trout. Their songs are rooted in the songwriting ethos of the 60s and 70s, were the lyrics that fit his plaintive tales like a glove. PRB’s line up is: Chris Melhuish – guitar and vocals, Dave Dunster – drums, Andy Allpass – keys, Jo Melhuish – BVs, Shelley Dunster BVs, Gennaro Trezza– guitars and Mike Pitt – bass. With its album ‘Empty Road’ and EP ‘Lights’ on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon etc, one reviewer said the band is “Like cruising in a cadillac with Chris Rea at the wheel and Pink Floyd and the Allman Brothers in the back”.
‘Atlanticana’ -successfully mixing roots and soft rock on both sides of the pond!


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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