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Aug 16


The Bamboo Cedar Oak concert features music from many ancient traditions and a wonderful mixture of instruments from across the world including; Native American, Bamboo and Irish flutes, guitar, Cretan Laouto, voice and Bouzouki, frame drums and other percussion. The music moves from ritual meditations and ceremonial music, to passionate rhythms, chants and dances. Also includes a chance for the audience to learn and participate in traditional songs and dances.

Special guests – Domenic DeCicco has worked with Bamboo Cedar Oak from the very first recordings. Domenic will perform some of his own beautiful songs as well as joining Guillermo, Hiroki and Nigel – flutes, vocals, guitar, Cretan Laouto and percussion. Opening the evening will be guest performers, Michael Ormiston and Candida Valentino with a set of their music inspired by the landscape of Mongolia and India woven from Khoomii overtones, horse head fiddle, bowls and gongs and much more.

BAMBOO CEDAR OAK describes a brotherhood of flute players and weaves together three ancient spiritual traditions each deeply connected with the earth. During 2002 Nigel Shaw (UK), Guillermo Martinez (USA) and Hiroki Okano (Japan) came together in England to build on their long-time friendships and forge a common bond through music. They are each renowned within their own countries as traditional flute players and wanted to explore the wonderful variety of sounds possible with these instruments as well as their shared understanding of our human connection to this beautiful planet. Joined by another friend and acclaimed musician, Domenic DeCicco (Canada), they have released two albums, entitled, Bamboo Cedar Oak and Songs of Our Grandfathers. They have performed concerts in Europe, America and Japan including Glastonbury Festival (England), a concert tour of ancient Buddhist shrines and temples in Japan, and working with the international Peace Boat Organisation which involved performances in New York Cathedral (a commemoration for 9/11 bereaved families), Jamaica, Columbia and Guatemala.


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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