SP407 Climate Change- (and how it affects me and mine)

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Jan 12


Climate Change? How does it concern me and mine?
with Matthew Bennett
Code: SP407Time: 10.00-12.00Length: 5 weeksStarts: 12 JanDay: ThursdayCost: £60.00Venue: Cheese & Grain

World climatic events and this summer’s long drought has brought environmental problems and climate change much more to the attention of all of us. How worried should we be? Let’s find out. This is a chance to learn the key facts about the things driving change and engage in some joint learning. We all need to understand more clearly what is ahead of us and what actions are possible in our own lives and locally to help mitigate the impacts. It has become a critically important subject to understand more clearly.

There are no easy answers. This is not a lecture series. The person leading the course will provide some key facts on the questions below. We will then decide collectively what aspects we want to find out more about and focus on:

What is driving global climate change?

Can it be reversed or stopped?

Is it really a challenge for the planet or more a challenge for humans and our current way of life?

Are emissions of carbon dioxide the only culprit?

Can we rely on the governments of the world to come up with the answers?

Is it enough to just know and interrelate the facts about temperature, wildfires, droughts and floods?

What about increasing world population as an important driver?

What part does our own increased aspirations and patterns of living play?

How robust are the planet’s resources and natural ecology?

In the light of all that what does the future look like?

How does all this relate to us in this part of Somerset?

What are the likely timescales and how should we act individually?

Can we chart a path to live happily and sustainably now and in the future?

The aim is for everyone to play an active part, whether you already have a lot of knowledge or almost none. We can jointly gather evidence and think through the implications and possible solutions. Where do we go to look? How can we be sure we are getting the right facts? How do we analyse them, what are our conclusions and what do we do next? Do we think there might be additional good practical local and individual actions to suggest in addition to what is being done already? Or should we carry on in future weeks and go deeper?

There are big challenges ahead and we all need to know more if we are to address these complex problems. Come and join us.

Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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