The Bert Jansch Studio is a unique and individual styled studio.

The Studio currently houses the Studio Live Room and Studio Foyer.

The Live Room is a newly built, stone and red bricked spacious room, with wooden flooring, acoustic panelling and high ceilings, offering great flexibility for creativity, ideal for bands, large ensembles and choirs. This comes with PA, microphones, guitar amps, drum kit and keyboards.

The Studio Foyer can be used as an additional music room, (not sound proofed) though is more appropriately designed as a training room.

The combination of all three spaces (live-room, control room and foyer) offer potential to accommodate full production rehearsals, with production office and reception.

The studio has its own pulley lift for lifting large and heavy equipment upstairs.

Sound engineers and equipment can be provided at additional costs.

To book the studio please email to the .

Thank you to Simon Whitehead of Whitehead Productions for kindly taking the studio photographs: