ADHD and Women with Dr Samantha Hiew

Your Story, Your Way Forward

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Mar 05



ADHD & Women: Your Story, Your Way Forward


With rising ADHD and autism diagnoses in women and girls, we’re facing an unprecedented demand for…answers. What does getting diagnosed with ADHD do for you? What answers were you searching for when you resonated with a social media post about ADHD? 


Join Samantha Hiew, Founder of ADHD Girls, as she takes you on a journey to come to terms with your story and move forward your way. This talk will introduce our collective experiences of what it means to be a woman in this world, the lives we’ve endured to spark self-acceptance, compassion, and love, empowering you with individualised ways of moving forward that work for you. 




Dr Samantha Hiew is a multi-award-winning storyteller, scientist, and social entrepreneur who founded ADHD Girls when she was diagnosed with ADHD at 40, and identified as autistic. With a unique insight from living on the cusp of two cultures, ethnicity, and class, balancing motherhood and career across 16 sectors, Sam uncovered hidden stories of neurodivergents from underrepresented groups and across eclectic life circumstances.

Built on collective insights from the neurodiverse community, Sam advocates for neurodivergent women’s empowerment and intersectional inclusion through storytelling, weaving neuro-, psycho-, and physiological sciences to humanise neurodiversity and intersectionality. Sam’s talks illuminate the spectrum of human experience and struggles, bridge the empathy gap, and foster a sense of safety and belonging in oneself and the collective – sparking conversations and igniting positive actions.

Sam’s work has been recognised with Difference Maker, Rising Star, Storyteller, Innovation and Excellence (Women’s Mental Health Initiative 2023), Positive Role Model for Gender (finalist), Stereotype Buster and Community Choice awards.


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