Animal Guyz Present… Amazing Animals


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May 06


We are the UK’s leading live shows specifically designed for the education of animals. However, our motto is learning through laughter and our shows are designed for just that. We are not your traditional animal show and instead we like to flip normal onto its head and offer an audience something they would not of seen before and in a way that can be enjoyed by all of the family and all ages.
Amazing Animals is a fast-paced theatre spectacular that will see great visual effects, music and comedy all come together to create a wonderful family show that everyone can enjoy. We are proud to present the only animal show that features NO LIVE ANIMALS!
Life sized crocodiles, Sloths, Reindeer, penguins, Orangutans and maybe even a spraying skunk are just a few of the amazing life-sized animals that will take to the stage.
Estimated timings:
10:30am Doors
11am – start
12:15pm – finish
75 min show.


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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