AU602 Embrace or Escape Christmas – With Collage Art

£27 + Booking Fee

All Seating


Nov 12


with Jessica Wilker

Code: AU602Time: 10.30-15.00Length: One dayStarts: 12 NovDay: SaturdayCost: £27.00Venue: Frome Art School, Silk Mill

Embrace Christmas by creating exclusive cards. Collage allows you to go from Robins in snow, to Father Christmas on the beach. You can produce traditional, kitschy, glittery, humorous or surreal images.

Anything goes thanks to cut and glue. Escaping the seasonal clamour with art also goes! Let Collage carry you off into imagery, colors and patterns. Have fun looking for the right piece, become tranquil whilst cutting it and be uplifted by your creation.

Jessica will provide the necessary tools and materials, and teach you how to use them.

You will be offered prints of your cards by Serenarts at a discount.

All materials provided, with a fee of 4.50 for each student to cover costs.


The Silk Mill , Merchants Barton , Frome , Somerset, BA11 1PT

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