Billy In The Lowground – Live @ The Tree House

Live at our new intimate sister venue The Tree House

£10 advance + Booking Fee

All Standing - 18+ Show


Dec 02


Billy In The Low Ground + special guests  The Kahunas
“The poster said Folk-Rock, but anyone expecting an evening of gentle, fiddle-tinged easy-listening was rapidly disabused of that notion, as ‘Billy in the Lowground’ grasped Folk firmly by the scruff and dragged it backwards through a Hedge of Rock. Mixed metaphors aside, what emerged was a sound akin to a cider-fuelled Grateful Dead, only tighter. Superb.”
“…The music can only be described as foot stomping greatness. The sheer energy and passion that pours from the band is matched only by their musical ability, and the songs themselves are the kind of short infectious pieces that grab you by the throat and demand that you move, without you really noticing. The twin melodies of violin and guitar swirl and twirl in and around eachother with a grace that defies the relentless stomp of the bass and drums, while the acoustic and vocals work mercilessly away at your subconscious, making sure that the material haunts you for days.”
– Woolley Festival
“If the Levellers were moonshine-swigging Appalachian mountain folk instead of Guinness-swilling Brighton crusties, they would probably have sounded a lot like this.”
– Green Man
Come & see us & make up your own mind…
Foot stomping, melodic indie folk music. The Kahunas bring a mix of violin, harmonies and a driving dance beat. The Kahunas live on the road, gigging and touring, bringing an infectious energy to the stage. ‘Fantastic folk band. Incredibly talented musicians playing their own modern, original songs with a beat that got the whole audience moving. A very rich sound from a combination of vocals, guitar, violin and base drum.
Please note this is an 18+ event, and the venue is accessed by stairs with no lift. If you have any enquiries please email


The Tree House, 35 Berkley Rd, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2EH

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