Gaza (2019)

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Dec 07


In these troubled times embark on your own cinematic exploration of Gaza, where we paint a vivid picture of its everyday residents striving to carve out purposeful lives amidst the enduring aftermath of conflict. Gaza introduces us to a group of articulate, tenacious, and brave individuals whose resilience and strong sense of family delve into the essence of humanity. They are a people whose existence is marked by conflict, yet they refuse to be solely defined by it.


This highly acclaimed 90-minute documentary from 2019 has been described as ‘a beautiful portrait of everyday Gazan citizens, leading meaningful lives beyond the rubble of perennial conflict’. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 96% approval rating – its critics consensus reads: ‘Uniquely revelatory and altogether enlightening, Gaza allows audiences to settle into the unique rhythms of ordinary life in a region roiled by conflict.’

The directors, Andrew McConnell and Garry Keane, note: ‘How do you tell the story of such a place? Through a cast of major and minor characters, we meet Palestinians from all walks of life, who individually have a strong story to tell but who together create a portrait of Gaza like no other. The siege, brought on by history, Israel, Hamas and the abandonment of the international community, is the villain of our story. This is Gaza as you have never seen it before.’


The film will start at 7pm but please arrive earlier for refreshments. A collection for the Amjaad Charity will also be taken on the night.


The Gaza film will be introduced by Prof Jason Hart, Frome resident, and Professor of Humanitarianism and Development at Bath University. He is also Visiting Lecturer at the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies at Geneva University. Jason is a social anthropologist, whose work focuses on the experience and rights of children in the Middle East, particularly Israel / occupied Palestinian territories and Jordan.


The filmmakers are providing the film for free and have requested that all proceeds go to the Amjaad Charity, who have been working on the ground in Gaza for 7 years.  The Amjaad Charity provides assistance and aid to over 2000 families every year –  providing transportation to access medical care, as well as giving food, medicine and clothes to poor families who need them. Amjaad does not receive ANY money whatsoever from any official funding source.

Good and generous people around the world have kept Amjad going all these years – not only Palestinians but many others from countries like the USA and Ireland and including some towns in Israel, like the kind people from Tamra who have been very supportive. Amjaad’s 100% donation policy means every cent of your donation will support those in need.  Their dedicated, hardworking team are ALL volunteers who receive nothing in return for their efforts except the satisfaction of helping their fellow man.

You can donate directly to the Amjaad Charity:


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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