Maniac Street Preachers Vs StereoIronics

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Mar 02


Maniac Street Preachers and Stereoironics come to Frome for a double-bill of Welsh rock!

Maniac Street Preachers

Maniac Street Preachers are a four piece Manic Street Preachers tribute band who uncannily imitate the sound, look and attitude of Wales’ finest rock n roll export.

Maniac Street Preachers go from the Manics punk roots of white Levis and eyeliner to the modern day stadium rock outfit complete with costume changes and full musical backing. Each member of the Maniacs is a fan of the real band, and combines their passion with decades of shared gigging experience to give fans the ultimate authentic Manics experience.


StereoIronics are The UKs number 1 Stereophonics tribute Band and have been recommended to many by The Stereophonics themselves. Kelly Jones said of the band “They are brilliant and they learn our songs quicker than we do!”

They are true fans of the Stereophonics and try to remain completely honest to them, their records and their live performances. So if you want the next best thing to the Welsh rockers then look no further than these guys.


Cheese & Grain, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BE

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