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Sep 07


Following the success of our first pop-up event in July our members are excited to bring another scrapstore to Frome.

This is our 2nd in a series of 3 pop-up events, made possible because of a collaboration between the Pod charity and the Bristol Children’s Scrapstore. We hope to gather your views and assess the demand for a longer term project for Frome.

This is an exciting opportunity to buy some wonderful scrap and art supplies – a small spend on the day can offer hours of creative / play potential.

Bristol will be bringing a huge selection of scrap donated by businesses. Instead of ending up in landfill they get a second lease of life through our customers who could make costumes and dens, use loose parts for play, decorations, arts and craft resources, materials for sculpture, collage or display – these are just a few ideas, you may have your own!

There will be a £1 charge to access the scrapstore (children under 12 free)

There will be a craft and play area set aside for children at the event.


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