Splintering Heart plays Marillion – live at the tree house

Live at our intimate sister venue The Tree House

£15 advance + Booking Fee

All Standing - 18+ Show


Nov 17


Splintering Heart, a tribute to Marillion delivers an authentic performance bringing passion, musicianship and above all a performance that highlights the true talent and uniqueness of Marillion today. Splintering Heart perform songs from the “h” era albums, Seasons End, Holidays in Eden right through to their recent album An Hour Before Dark — plus a few Fish favourites that Marillion play today. Splintering Heart brings Marillion fans from both eras together for this very special performance.

Some recent comments

“What an outstanding gig from start to finish”

“Marillion themselves would be chuffed to know their music is being recreated so beautifully”

“Incredibly emotional to hear those songs played again”

Each member of Splintering heart brings something special to the band creating a professional, authentic and emotive performance.

Please note this is an 18+ event, and the venue is accessed by stairs with no lift. If you have any enquiries please email



The Tree House, 35 Berkley Rd, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2EH

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