SU217 – Watercolour Tempestuous Seascape

£36 + Booking Fee

All Seating


Jul 09


In this busy day you will create a loose and luminous watercolour of a rocky beach scene using Catherine’s “gravity painting” techniques. Apply colour ‘wet-in-wet’ and watch it flow beautifully to resemble translucent waves. Contrast this with thick, darkly textured rocks for drama and leave sharply contrasting areas of dry, white paper to depict ‘white horses’ against the distant coastline.

Follow Catherine’s plan to paint with confidence and watch her step-by-step demonstrations to create a colourful ‘masterpiece’ to take home.
Please check the website for suggested materials.

Materials list:

Aquafine Watercolour Artboard (A3) by Daler Rowney – strongly recommended. Available to purchase on the day (£2 /sheet).
wooden support board that is bigger than A3 & prop (eg box/block/tin)
2B pencil & eraser
3 watercolour brushes – one inch flat, one medium flat and one fine
Water jar/tub
Kitchen roll
Paint palette with large wells
Tubes of watercolour paint. Some suggested colours: turquoise; ultramarine; raw sienna; sap green; violet; burnt umber; lemon yellow; Alizarin crimson.


The Silk Mill , Merchants Barton , Frome , Somerset, BA11 1PT

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