SU505 – Collage in the Footsteps of Surrealism

£33.00 + Booking Fee

All Seating


Jun 07


Eminent Surrealists throughout the 20th century used Collage as their medium. We will look at examples of their work, and you will be introduced to the principles and themes of the Surrealist style. Get inspired and have fun walking in its footsteps. ‘Cut and glue’ gives you the chance to experiment and let your imagination run free. Enjoy creating anything from the weird to the wonderful. Let the impossible happen. Make molehills out of mountains, let the sun be square. Be surreal inyour own unique way.

No previous collage experience is needed. Jessica provides all the material and necessary tools, and she will teach you how to use them. Of course you can bring along your own material and imagery you might want to use.

There is an additional charge of £6 per student for materials.


The Silk Mill , Merchants Barton , Frome , Somerset, BA11 1PT

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