The Smyths

A celebration of ”The Smiths” & “Hatful of Hollow”

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All Standing - 10+ Show


Nov 09


By 1984 it was clear The Smiths were going to be legendary A raft of what became classic singles and two iconic albums cemented what would become the legacy of the early years Smiths.

2024 sees the 40th anniversary of two iconic Smiths albums,“The Smiths” and “Hatful of Hollow” – albums that feature such classic tracks as “This Charming
Man” “Hand In Glove” “What Difference Does It Make?” “William It Was Really Nothing” “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” and “How Soon Is Now”.
2024 will see THE SMYTHS tour the UK extensively playing some 70+ shows with it’s 2024 tour ‘84 – A celebration of ”The Smiths” & “Hatful of Hollow” as well
as featuring a best of set.

“To call them a tribute band is an insult…I closed my eyes and it was 1985” Jeremy Vine Broadcaster
“Having had the very good fortune to have worked up close and personal with THE SMITHS, I can vouch that THE SMYTHS are the most excellent “tribute” to the
Smiths’ music and legacy” Stephen Street legendary music producer of The Smiths


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