November 20, 2019

JustGiving Fundraiser for Studio Now Live!


Bert Jansch Studio @ Frome Cheese and Grain

There is a lack of opportunity for musically talented and creative young people to develop and progress their skills. Attaining qualifications and training has become too expensive for many. Rehearsal space and support to get started is hard to find.

We are a community owned and run social enterprise, registered as a charity, and we run the Cheese and Grain live music venue. We have built, but now need to equip, a recording studio that will also be used as a rehearsal space and a film studio. It will be developed to professional music industry standards – the kind of studio normally only accessible to the already successful. Creating a Music Industry Education Hub, training, enabling and empowering a new generation of creatives.

As you can see in the photo, three local, young, up and coming musicians, Solo Candy, Sky Witty and Cole Wylie are not looking too happy…..They are unable to plug in their musical instruments into the Bert Jansch Studio @ The Cheese and Grain’s control room. They need your help to raise money to transform this empty space into a creative, innovative and inspiring music making hub.

Please help us achieve this by making a donation