May 29, 2024

The Cheese and Grain is launching a public consultation on its proposals to further develop the venue.


The proposal is to build between the Canoe Club and the rear of the Cheese and Grain “tower”. The new building will house rehearsal spaces, editing suites, a lift large enough for grand pianos and a further wheelchair accessible washroom.

It will mean that messy and noisy “logistics” including recycling and waste management, beer deliveries etc. will be moved indoors on the ground floor.

Cheese and Grain Director, Steve Macarthur, told the Frome Times that the recording studio at the rear of the venue is used by internationally famous artists but this is squeezing out local bands. The Cheese and Grain has been able to deploy some of the best producer and engineering talent in the business, but this comes at a cost. Therefore, a priority now is for cheaper “dry-hire spaces” that can be used without a house engineer or producer. The new extension is also needed for training spaces. He said that the venue had “lost momentum over the Covid lockdown” delaying this project, but now, it was the time to reinstate and build-up its role in training local people in a whole range of music industry skills, including sound engineering and stage lighting, logistics, hospitality and marketing.  The new facilities would be key to returning to this training role. The music industry, Steve says, “is growing in the west country and it’s important to ensure that work and careers are available to local people.

The aim is also to smarten up the riverside of the building and put in an additional entrance/exit because with increasing ticket sales the café/bar foyer gets very congested. Steve said “we want this development to add to the rejuvenation and improvement of the market yard car park area and to make the best of Frome’s riverside.

Anyone wanting to comment or get more information should email and the venue will send out an information pack on the proposals and how to comment on and influence its purpose and design.


The Cheese and Grain is run by a local charity and a not-for-profit social enterprise. Its Board is elected annually by members. Membership is free and open to anyone who lives or works in Frome and surrounding villages. Membership is about owning and controlling the project, not using it and everyone is welcome to come to its events, hire their meeting rooms and visit its café/bar which is open every day.